Lent 2

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A teacher was in her classroom teaching philosophy and focusing on the topic of decision making. So, she started out by telling a story about 5 frogs sitting on a log.

“Four of the frogs decide to jump into the water. How many frogs are there left on the log?”

The class almost unanimously responded: ONE

“No,” the instructor smiled. “All of them are still on the log. Deciding is different than doing.”

Think about it this way. Someone is buying a boat… and then suddenly they have lots of friends? Or have you heard of folks who’ve come into a large inheritance or win the lottery… and suddenly everybody seems to want to spend time with them. If it had been you that bought the boat or came into money you’d know something was wrong. Those “so-called friends” were there ONLY for the advantages they can get from you. You’d soon realize that they didn’t want you for YOU… they wanted you for what you could give them.

Many people have asked why God allows people to suffer but God is there for us in the figure of Jesus – and in Lent we try once more to walk in the desert with Him. My abiding memory of a desert is of a vast expanse of emptiness with huge skies, and in the middle of all the rock and sand. All that is left of  trees in this area are short stumps. It is a strange kind of beauty.

Stanley Spencer, who lived between 1891 and 1959 painted a set of biblical scenes – one of them, Rising from Sleep and is one of a series of paintings which depict Jesus out in the wilderness during the 40 days he spent there fasting and praying. Spencer originally intended to paint 40 of these paintings, one for each of the days Jesus was in the desert. In the end he only managed eighteen.

Rising from Sleep shows Jesus with his hands clasped together pointing upwards towards the sky. This Jesus is totally focused upwards towards God. He has just woken up and this is the first thing he does in the morning. His whole being is directed towards his Father.
It’s always good to pray, but it’s easy to forget that truth. Lent is a particularly good time to remember it again and to recommit to praying regularly. Perhaps this Lent you would like to spend some time in prayer. It’s always good to pray, but it’s easy to forget that truth. Lent is a good time to recommit to praying regularly.
Why not make a start now! Make a commitment/appointment to pause and pray. Just say thank you to God for something which he has given to you………….